Various Artists - Balkan Beats Volume 6 (Ammonite Records , 2016)

balkan-beats-6Balkan Beats Volume 6 is an up to date collection of dance floor hits selected by Robert Šoko and created or remixed in Balkanbeat fashion by DJs and musicians from various parts of the world. These musical wizards, all stemming from underground and alternative artistic backgrounds, have unleashed their creativity and postmodern playfulness to present explosive tracks, the Balkan way.

The term “Balkanbeat” defines a musical genre, emerged as a crossover between dance pop and ethno folk motives originating from the Balkans. This region of south eastern Europe is a cultural meeting point between East and West. The term “balkanbeat” itself was coined back in 1993 by Robert Šoko, the selector of this compilation, to define his Balkan inspired DJ SET. BalkanBeats Volume 6 is a superfun, witty, groovy and cheerful party which will definitely blow your mind and release your inner Balkan self.

“This album is the quintessence of my wildest parties, matured in the greatest European clubs since the beginning of the millennium. In my opinion, my best compilation so far. 16 delightful punchy tracks. A BalkanBeats must-have.” Robert Šoko

Ammonite Records


  • FANFARE CIOCARLIA – Out To Lounge 02:55
  • DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV – No Escape (From Balkan) 03:57
  • BALKANBEATS SOUNDSYSTEM – Schoene Tage 03:36
  • KOZA MOSTRA – Alcohol Is Free 06:17
  • SHANTEL – Viva Diaspora 03:09
  • SHAZALAKAZOO – Balkan Is Not Dead 05:00
  • ANTWERP GIPSY-SKA ORKESTRA – Jolene (Gypsy Hill Remix) 03:33
  • EDI PARTIZANI & STEREO PARTIZAN – Ruki Verch (Dr Fre & Balkan Hotsteppers Remix) 04:00
  • MAGNIFICO – Ya Mustafa 02:34
  • TACTICAL GROOVE ORBIT – Bomba Cumbia Social Club 06:53
  • HARIS PILTON & STEREO PARTIZAN – Shake That Balkan Thing 03:45
  • BERLINSKIBEAT – Die Glorreichen Sieben 03:41
  • THE UFOSLAVIANS – Cigančica 04:00
  • GIUFA – Radio Bucarest 04:01
  • DJ TAGADA FT. LAURE PIAZZA – Ederlezi Dub 03:26