About Us

New Model Radio (ISSN 2453-935X) is a music radio and music news server which aims to offer its listeners a broad spectrum of genres from all over the world. Even though British and American music can be heard on our radio, it is not as ubiquitous as on the majority of Slovak radios. Daytime programming mostly comprises new songs, but may include occasional specialised blocks dedicated to music of past decades. Evening broadcasts are reserved for special music sessions. For the complete schedule, please visit the Schedule section of our website.

The music news server on New Model Radio’s website mostly contains articles from the radio’s editors or correspondents about new music, as well as album charts, information from the music scene, overview of cultural events that we recommend, podcasts of some our shows and press releases related to our area of interest. The mission of New Models Radio’s editors is to create a quality news service on both local and foreign music scene.  Our radio broadcasts draw on many years of experience with music radio programming and privileged contacts with the music community all over the world and presents listeners with quality music from both the local and international scene.