Fanfare Ciocarlia - 20 (Asphalt Tango, 2016)

Fanfare Ciocarlia – 20“20” is a double album release that gathers on vinyl for the very first time Fanfare Ciocarlia’s seminal recordings. This collection ranges from the band’s debut album Radio Pasçani onwards, gathering recordings that have broken Balkan brass through to a huge international audience and ensured that Fanfare are Romania’s foremost musical export.

Fanfare Ciocarlia’s recording career began at the height of the CD era and, at that time, vinyl was no longer being pressed in Romania. Their most recent albums on Berlin label Asphalt Tango have been issued on vinyl but fans have constantly requested the band’s early albums also appear on vinyl. What to do?

The band decided they would celebrate twenty years of international success by compiling a double album collection that draws heavily on their first five albums and demonstrates their myriad musical strengths. Across four themed sides – ROOTS, ORIENT, JAMS, AMIGOS – “20” offers a reflection of the many musical faces of Fanfare.

ROOTS captures them as a village brass band. ORIENT gathers their most Eastern recordings. JAMS features their funkiest sides that make clubs jump. AMIGOS demonstrates Fanfare’s wide ranging collaborations, from backing Macedonia’s Gypsy Queen Esma Redzepova to rocking with Canadian guitarist Adrian Raso.

Pressed on 180g vinyl and beautifully packaged with illustrious photos covering Fanfare’s entire career, “20” is a double vinyl treat for both collector and the general music fan.

Garth Cartwright

Photo: Asphalt Tango


Ioan Ivancea – clarinet, vocals (+2006), Costica “Cimai” Trifan – trumpet, vocals, Radulescu Lazar – trumpet, vocals, Paul Marian Bulgaru – trumpet, Trifan Craciun – trumpet
Oprica Ivancea – clarinet, alto saxophone, Daniel Ivancea – alto saxophone
Constantin “Pinca” Cantea – tuba, Monel “Gutzel” Trifan – tuba, Constantin “Sulo” Calin – tenor horn, Laurentiu Mihai Ivancea – baritone horn, Costel “Gisniaca” Ursu – large drum
Nicolae Ionita – percussion

Special guests:
Pancirel Constandache – trumpet (A1,A3,C5), Dan Armeanca – vocals (B1) Boban & Marko Marković Orchestra (B5), Iulian Canaf – vocals (C2) Sabrina Romero – vocals, cajon, Antoine “Tato” García – vocals, guitar, Christ Mailhe – vocals, guitar (D1), Mitsou & Florentina Sandu – vocals (D2), Šaban Bajramović – vocals (D3), Esma Redžepova – vocals (D4), Adrian Raso – guitars (D5), Socalled – vocals(D6), Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs (D6)

Fanfare Ciocalia 1


Radio Paşcani (1998 Piranha)
Baro Biao – World Wide Wedding (1999 Piranha)
Iag Bari – The Gypsy Horns from the Mountains Beyond (2001 Piranha)
Gili Garabdi – Ancient Secrets of Gypsy Brass (2005 Piranha)
Queens and Kings (2007)
LIVE! (2009)
Balkan Brass Battle (2011) together with Boban & Marko Marcovic Orkestar
Devil’s Tale (2014) with Adrian Raso
Onwards to Mars (2016)