Prokop Holoubek is a Czech musician, producer, actor, concert organizer, music manager and DJ.

Prokop Holoubek

He is also a member of the groups Midi Lidi, the Lahore / Soundsystem Theater and the “DJ” duo Tomino Myslivec. He composed music for the film “President Blaník” with the band Midi Lidi. Together with Petr Marek, Ondřej Ježek and Tomáš Procházka, he prepared music for the film “Trash on Mars” and also made music for the evening show “Mlsné medvědí příběhy”.

Prokop is also known as a producer. He has produced albums by the band Koňe a Prase, electronic musician Ventolin and other performers.

In the past, he operated the Brno club Fléda, participated in the organizational support of the Brno cultural space PRAGUE / Forum for Architecture and Media and the 4AM association, and at the same time runs the agency Bumbum Satori.

Prokop Holoubek

Together with Tomáš Kelar and Barbora Šediva, he organizes the Itch My Ha Ha Ha festival and club night.

As an actor, Prokop has acted in several films and in theater. He is a happy father of two children.

Prokop named his latest “mixtape” after a verse from Vlasta Redl’s song “Krajina většinou zdá se mi povědomá”. You will hear a selection of Czech and Slovak music that he has listened to in the last two years.

You can tune in to this program tonight at 20:00. Pleasant listening!

Róbert Gregor (photo: Tomáš Kelar and Vojta Kubec, translation: Zoe Prívozníková)

Programme Playlist:

  • Midi Lidi – Beran
  • Kone a Prase – Stehovak
  • Metastavy – Narodni
  • Dukla – Holubi dum
  • Bert & Friends – Lupanarium
  • Midi Lidi – Freejazz Hymens
  • Kolna – Orisky
  • Prokop Holoubek – Jouda-Dur
  • Daemons – Pati na svete
  • B4 – Plastova okna
  • Midi Lidi – Cosik
  • Rick4 – Trash On Mars
  • B4 – Mam svou zemi rad
  • Ali Ibn Rachid – Na zastavke
  • Buty – Vcil
  • Trash On Mars – Nocni sichta
  • Karel Plihal – Nagasaki, Hirosima
  • Midi Lidi – Dum se zahradou
  • Vlasta Redl – Tak jsem tady
  • Ondrej Kyas – Balkon
  • Sona Hornakova – Pytas sa ma
  • Johus Matus – Pstruhovy
  • Buty – Prisel den
  • Dukla – Sidliste Mir
  • Jo Mama – Lets Go Home (Pa Pa Pa Pa)
  • Kurisutaru – 16 cece
  • Ctyd 90 – Drug
  • Maryland – Close Enough
  • Florbal – Jsem broke
  • Deaths – Skin Disorder

Listen to the programme here: