Milan Tesař is a Czech music publicist. He started as the editor of the Brno radio station Hády and since 1995 he has been the head of the music department of the Proglas radio station. Is also the secretary of the WMCE from November 2020.

Milan Tesař

After short episodes in a students’ radio programme and in a local commercial radio, Milan started in 1995 in Radio Proglas. Since that year, he´s been working there as the music director. Alongside other shows, he prepares his weekly programme “Slyste, lide!” (Hear, People), concentrated on interesting topics from world music, jazz, blues, folk or alternative music.

He manages and (with some help of his colleagues) presents the daily show “Jak se vam libi” (As You Like It) – interviews with bands, musicians, organizers of festivals, musicologists etc. (world music, jazz, blues, folk…). He has also a regulary monthly programme in a Czech public radio (the station Czech Radio Jazz).

Milan Tesař

He regulary prepares music reviews and interviews for printed and internet magazines in Czech republic (UNI cultural magazine, Harmonie monthly, Catholic Weekly, Brno Friendly City web site) and Poland (Twój Blues magazine). Member of musical juries in world music, jazz, blues etc. domains.

He can offer not only airplay of the songs in the Czech independent Radio Proglas and/or review of the CDs, but also 45minutes radio interviews with the artists about their new albums.

NMR (photo: archive Milan Tesař)

Program playlist:

  • U2 – The Fly
  • Sam Lee – The Moon Shines Bright
  • Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine
  • Tamikrest – Amzagh
  • Zuzana Navarová – A deus
  • R.E.M. – Find the River
  • Spilar – Klacht
  • Inspiral Carpets – Sleep Well Tonight
  • Keb Mo – The Way I
  • Druhá tráva – Marcipán z Toleda
  • Laurent Voulzy – Paradoxal Systeme
  • Vladimír Mišík – Věštkyně
  • Eneida Marta – Homis de Gossi
  • Traband – Černej pasažér
  • Esbjörn Svensson Trio – From Gagarin’s Point Of View
  • Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming
  • Martin Geišberg – O čosi skôr
  • Emi Kujanpää – Nani
  • Pink Floyd – Brain Damage
  • Raske Drenge – Grindavísan
  • The Beatles – Across The Universe
  • Zuby nehty – Bílí ptáci
  • Nirvana – Come As You Are
  • Fredericks, Goldman & Jones – A nos actes manqués
  • Manic Street Preachers – Ocean Spray
  • Vertigo – Rozprávka
  • Květy – Zkouška sirén
  • Suzanne Vega – Wooden Horse
  • Longital – Je čas ísť
  • Jan Fic – Stejně to zkouším

Listen to the program: