Club Des Belugas - Nine (Chin Chin Records, 2016)

Club des Belugas are releasing their 9th studio album, which is simply called “NINE”. It’s a 2 CD album with 30 tracks in total, 13 brand new ones and 17 mostly unreleased remixes.

glj 003 - Club des Belugas - NINE - 2CD Digipac

Many well-known vocalists appear on this fantastic album:
Anna-Luca (Sweden), Anne Schnell (Germany), Antoine Villoutreix (France), Arema Arega (Cuba), Ashley Slater (UK), Brenda Boykin (USA), Dean Bowman (USA), Ester Rada (Israel), Iain Mackenzie (UK), Nelly Simon (Germany), Saskia Jonker (The Netherlands) and Veronika Harcsa (Hungary).

As always Club des Belugas are combining contemporary European Nujazz & Electro Styles with Cuban & Brazilian Beats, Swing and American Black Soul and Funk of the fifties, sixties & seventies using their unique creativity and intensity.

Chin Chin Records

Tracklisting CD 1
01. It’s Only Music (ft Ashley Slater)
02. Pogo Porn (ft Karlos Boes)
03. Ai Mi Morena (Club des Belugas Remix)
04. Quiet Dawn (Club des Belugas Remix)
05. What the Butler Heard
06. I Just Want to Make Love to You (ft Brenda Boykin)
07. Les Boulevards de Paris (Club des Belugas Remix)
08. Full Crazy (ft Brenda Boykin)
09. Mirando Al Mar (Club des Belugas Remix)
10. Manteca (Club des Belugas Remix)
11. Some Like it Hot (Jojo Effect & Gardener of Delight Remix)
12. The Beat Goes On (Club des Belugas Remix)
13. Wheelspin (Club des Belugas Remix)
14. Hip Hip Chin Chin (Schizoid Sista Remix) (ft Brenda Boykin)
15. Animal Parade

Tracklisting CD 2
01. Hard Swing Travellin’ Man (ft Brenda Boykin / Club des Belugas Remix)
02. Serious Woman (ft Brenda Boykin)
03. Not with me (ft Anne Schnell / Club des Belugas Remix)
04. Save a Little Love for Me (ft Ester Rada / Zouzoulectric Remix)
05. Better Run (ft Dean Bowman)
06. Mambo Tonight (ft Iain Mackenzie / Club des Belugas Remix)
07. Iko Iko (ft Brenda Boykin / Papa Cobana Remix)
08. But Rich Rhythms (Club des Belugas Remix)
09. Quicker with the Trigger (ft Anna-Luca)
10. You and I (Club des Belugas Extended Remix)
11. Round Around (Club des Belugas Remix)
12. Under The Neon Light (ft Veronika Harcsa)
13. Moon Lagoon
14. Mojo’s Walk
15. Bye Bye Baby I Won’t Come Back (ft Anna-Luca)