The group ShazaLaKazoo was founded in the late 90s by Serbian musicians Milana Djurič and Uros Petkovič. They were united by their ambition to cross musical boundaries, in which Balkan traditions, gypsy melodies and electronic rhythms intertwine. The songs on the new album “Chorba” are no exception.

Several musicians from the Balkans managed to break through in Germany in the 1990s. Among them is the band ShazaLaKazoo, who signed a contract with the Asphalt Tango. label. The band’s musical style is enriched with Latin-American rhythms and influences ranging from Africa to the Middle East. Its music has sparked the creation of a new genre characterized by Balkan rhythms, strong melodies and dance music.

Their innovative compositions and remixes have earned ShazaLaKazoo acclaim that resonates with a diverse spectrum of listeners, from electronic music aficionados to devoted world music enthusiasts. The band’s festival performances across the globe have etched indelible marks, leaving audiences eager for the evolution of their musical narrative.

The band’s extensive discography features four full-length studio albums, including “Speaking Balkanian” (2010), “Karton City Boom” (2011), “Monobrow” (2014), and “Metanational” (2016), along with a treasure trove of EPs, singles, and remixes, showcasing their exceptional adaptability.

Various collaborations

ShazaLaKazoo’s reputation is built upon a foundation of groundbreaking collaborations with artists hailing from both the Balkans and beyond. These creative partnerships have expanded their musical horizons and solidified their standing as pioneers in genreblending.

A pivotal moment in their journey unfolded during the production of their third album when master trumpeter Milos Nikolic became an integral part of the band, adding fresh dimensions to both their live performances and studio recordings.

Nutritious soup

The band’s journey forges ahead, now featuring Greek singer and violinist Aimilia Varanaki as their lead vocalist and charismatic frontwoman, introduced after their fourth album. Their new release, “Chorba,” promises to usher in a new chapter in their musical odyssey, enriched by Aimilia Varanaki’s enchanting lead vocals. With unwavering dedication, ShazaLaKazoo continues to redefine the boundaries of music, crafting an enduring legacy in the realm of sound.

Its brilliance shines in its remarkable capacity to transform every day, often humble ingredients—sometimes just a handful of basics and water—into a profoundly remarkable and delectable feast that delights all who partake. This alchemical process requires time and patience, as the ingredients simmer and meld, evolving from the ordinary into something genuinely extraordinary.

The new album Chorba stands as a culinary marvel. It transcends being a mere dish; instead, it’s a living testament to the artistry that can turn the simplest elements into something extraordinary. In a similar vein, ShazaLaKazoo, a band known for their sound exploration and innovation, echoes this spirit in their new album named “Chorba”.

Culinary process

Just as chorba showcases the art of creating a satisfying meal from simple ingredients, “Chorba” the album is a musical journey that, like its culinary counterpart, required time and patience to achieve. It mirrors the culinary process, as the band creatively melds a rich mix of instruments and tools, drawing from a diverse range of influences, to craft their captivating music.

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NMR (foto: press ShazaLaKazoo)