Argentinian singer La Yegros releases her fourth album “HAZ”, featuring emotional songs reflecting on the current turbulent times.

La Yegros (real name Mariana Yegros) is a Argentine singer, rapper, songwriter, and recording artist, widely regarded by the Latin American and European club press as “The First Lady of Electro Cumbia,” based in Buenos Aires and France. That superlative, however, flattering is somewhat limiting: La Yegros’ music crisscrosses Latin American and North African folk traditions, tropical pop, reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, and chamamé to create its own frenetic dance genre.

The album’s title, “HAZ,” holds profound meaning for the artist. It symbolizes a clear path forward as a beacon in the dark. It is derived from the Spanish verb “HACER,” to embody the will to make decisions amidst uncertainty. As well as, the word “Haz” when applied to light is a line that boldly marks the path towards a clear and fixed destination.

“I chose the title because it captures those moments amid the pandemic when the entire world experienced, and in my case, it was during the creation of an album, so much confusion. However, I ultimately managed to find the path and the light ,” said singer

Musical roots and important collaborators

“HAZ” an album rooted in South American folkloric traditions, is a visceral journey through the peaks and valleys of the human experience. La Yegros shares, “​​This album is a journey of emotions and events, some imaginary, many personal and others told in third person. During its creation, I have gone through waves of sensations that submerged me in different states such as love, heartbreak, sadness, enthusiasm, uncertainty, celebration, darkness, sorrow, resentment, frenzy, pain, joy, and even the desire to die… to be born again. “ She continues, “It’s a ride through love, heartbreak, celebration, and everything in between.”

When pulling together the new album La Yegros surrounded herself with the same collaborators who have supported her for the last ten years. Including producer Gaby Kerpel (King Coya), who captivates audiences with her groundbreaking approach that seamlessly bridges the gap between innovation and tradition. Along with composer Daniel Martín, who for La Yegros says, “knows how to come up with melodies to dream about and hymns to sing along to.” She adds, “We are inseparable and complementary, and tried to continue to concoct a mesmerizing mixture where acoustic instruments meet samples and the rolling of machines.”

Additionally, La Yegros worked with two feature artists, Eblis Alvarez a Colombian musician and founder and leader of the musical group Meridian Brothers. And the Ghanaian artist K.O.G whose powerful voice and Afrobeat influences are much loved by La Yegros.

La Yegros has renewed herself on “HAZ,” as it truly stands apart from her discography. Across all 10 songs she has seamlessly blended diverse musical influences and offers a poignant perspective on love, loss, and self-discovery. The new music is open to a wealth of musical styles including funk guitar and Andean flutes, melancholy accordion and rolling drums, Tuareg blues enhanced by brass, house and electro Cumbia loops, and the bassoons of a chamber orchestra.

The folklore 2.0 of La Yegros, nourished by its colorful inspiration, at times tender or exalted, has been imagined as a hymn to love and the contradictory feelings that come with it. For this reason, we are happy to present you the title “Haz” in the “Album of the Week” section of our broadcast on the Mixcloud platform.

NMR (photo: press La Yegros)