This chart contains music albums that were new (premiere) in 2019 (or at the end of 2018).

It is the result of an attempt to map the musical production of countries around the world. The choice and placement of the albums were not influenced by: popularity, advertising, fashion, mass opinion, genre limbo, nationality. Each album name is followed by the name of the state where its creators come from, and then by the music genres that dominate it.

Laid Back - Healing Feeling
  1. Laid Back – Healing Feeeling (Denmark) Synthpop, balearic, reggae

2. Orville Peck – Pony (Canada) Gothic country, americana

3. Karpatt – Valparaiso (France) Cumbia, java, chanson, manouche

4. DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson – Aimez ces airs (France) Chanson afropéenne, funk

5. Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko – Traversées (International) African, turkish, european music


6. Hectorine – Hectorine (USA) Folk, chamber pop

7. Puerto Candelaria – Cinema Trópico (Colombia) Cumbia rebelde, vallenato, jazz

8. Youthie & Macca Dread – Nomad skank (France) Orchestral reggae

Kishi Bashi - Omoiyari

9. Kishi Bashi – Omoiyari (USA-Japan) Orchestral indie pop, folk

Reverebd Beat Man

10. Reverend Beat-Man And Izobel Garcia – Baile bruja muerto (Switzerland-USA) Punk blues, gothic country

11. Rome – Le Ceneri di Heliodoro (Luxembourg) Neofolk, post punk

12. Habib Koite – Kharifa (Mali) Mande music, afro pop, blues, folk

13. Lagartijeando – Jallalla (Argentina) Digital cumbia, novo dub, folklore

14. Vendredi Sur Mer – Premiers émois (Switzerland-France) Ambient pop, space disco

15. Jerkcurb – Air Con Eden (England) Ambient pop, hypnagogic pop

Sundara Karma - Ulfilas' Alphabet

16. Sundara Karma – Ulfilas’ Alphabet (England) Indie rock, indie pop

17. Howe Gelb – Gathered (USA) Alt-country, americana, jazz, blues

18. Kelsey Lu – Blood (USA)  Art pop, chamber pop

19. Club Des Belugas – Strange Things Beyond the Sunny Side (Germany) Nu jazz

Pierre Daven-Keller - Kino Music

20. Pierre Daven-Keller – Kino Music (France) Chanson, film music

21. Helena Noguerra – Nue (Belgium) Nouvelle chanson française, lounge

22. Claude Fontaine – Claude Fontaine (USA) Pop, reggae, bossa nova

Aziza Brahim - Sahari

23. Aziza Brahim – Sahari  (West Sahara) Saharawi music, desert blues

24. Purple Pilgrims – Perfumed Earth (New Zealand) Dream pop, ambient pop

25. Sinsémilia – A l’échelle d’une vie (France) Reggae, rap, chanson

26. Hugo Race Fatalists – Taken By The Dream (Australia) Gothic country, experimental rock

27. Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles (South Africa – Germany) Art pop, dream pop

28. Tim Bowness – Flowers at the Scene (England) Ambient pop, progressive rock

29. Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs (USA) Psychedelic folk

30. Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 – Joia! (Brazilia-Wales) Alternative, tropicalia, lounge

31. Danitse – De la Tierra al Sol (Peru) Folk

32. The Deer – Do No Harm (USA) Indie folk, americana

33. Beth Gibbons & Krzysztof Penderecki – Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3
(England-Poland) Modern classical

34. Radiodervish & Oles – Classica  (Italy) Mediterranean folk,
classical music

Rachid Taha - Je Suis Africain

35. Rachid Taha – Je suis Africain (France-Algeria) Raï, rock, chanson

36. Oduchu – The Healer (Tuva-Russia) Tuvan folklore, ambient

37. Vanishing Twin – The Age Of Immunology (England) Art pop, dream pop

Fémina - Perlas & Conchas

38. Fémina – Perlas & Conchas (Argentina) Art pop, rap, fol

39. Eleftheria Arvanitaki – Ta megala taxidia (Greek) Rembetika, folk, ambient pop

40. ILe – Almadura (Portoriko) Latin alternative, art pop

Miroslav Potoček