Dawn Avery – Beloved (Dawn Avery 2019)

In her 5th solo album release, BELOVED, Dawn Avery’s mystic cello and calmly passionate voice integrate her spiritual, musical and personal experiences while emerging on a new level as one of the more soulful artists of our time.

Dawn Avery

Internationally known, having toured as a world musician with artistic luminaries Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, Sussan Deyhim and Coleman Barks, she is joined in this multi-media performance by GRAMMY winning guitarist/ producer, Larry Mitchell, Persian instrumentalist Behfar Bahadoran, and Whirling Dervishes of the Sufi tradition. Join us in this spiritual journey of sound and vision aimed for the human spirit in a troubled world that yearns for change.

Dawn Avery - Beloved

At the heart of Dawn Avery’s new recording Beloved is the Sufi theme of spiritual love where music is regarded as a path to knowledge of the Divine and self-discovery. “Beloved” explores many of the key values and practices in Sufism – devotion, remembrance, love of the Divine reflected in all of humanity, and nourishment of the soul. She integrates those message with her own Mohawk heritage, that values gratitude for all of creation, peacefulness with all our relations, and hope for generations to come.

NMR (photo: Facebook)