Jazzamor - Music En Vogue (Blue Flame Records, 2019)

In 2001 Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch started their project Jazzamor. Influenced by the Bossa-Nova and Latin-Jazz of the 60s they developed their own style with Bettina’s voice making it unmistakeable.


The arrangements are playful yet minimalistic with great care for detail. Electronic sounds blend with double bass and latino percussions. Melancholic piano aires invoke a blue mood with Bettina’s alluring soft voice giving it all a distinct color.

Since the beginning they recorded six albums (see discography) while their style evolved further. In the first years experimenting with sounds was important but they are more conscious again of their jazz roots recently. Arrangements are more concentrated on classic instruments and soloists get more room – but the search for new soundscapes is ever present. With all this both artists never loose the skill for telling playfully nostalgic stories in the typical jazzamor style.

In the beginning Jazzamor was a pure studio project but with their first life concert they began playing all over Europe and in Asia. Maybe the Jazzamor song „Travel…“ was like a mission statement for their music.

Jazzamor - Music En Vague

Music En Vogue Compilation

An new compilation of Jazzamor songs including two new songs Body hunter and Keep in distance two new songs from 2019. Released on a new compilation with “en vogue” Jazzamor songs.

The “Music En Vogie” compilation looks balanced as a whole, and there is no weak spot. It is therefore time to introduce the exceptional work of this band to listeners in Slovakia. It is a pleasure for us to do so through the New Model Radio.

NMR (photo: press Jazzamor)