Johann Sebastian Punk – More Lovely and More Temperate

johannJohann Sebastian Punk. Extreme title. And the music? Also extreme. On the one hand  punk, new wave, indie pop, on the other hand classical music. Perhaps for listeners of radio standards it will be indigestible – frequent changes of style, mood, rhythm, pace. For example, the second track begins in the spirit of the baroque indie pop and then gradually continues with alternative rock with chaotic climax. And who is behind this? Englishmen? Sicilian! Massimiliano Raffa. Composes, sings and… plays on lot of instruments – guitar, harp, kantele, bass, violin, flute, piano, mellotron. And with him the next Italians. Interesting artifact. According to some reviewers Johann Sebastian Punk is the best thing that Italians have. Among rockers, maybe.

Miroslav Potoček

Translation: Vanda Gregorová