Karol Mikloš released “Awkward Laughter”, the first single preceding the release of his new album “This Side of Town” in September 2022.

Karol Miklos

“Like many, we took advantage of the Covid times by closing ourselves off into our own world and creating our own microcosm, which we’ve named This Side of Town – it’s a multicolored world that transcends any genre definitions, and it’s also a perfect retrospective of my 30 years on the scene. I liked the idea of opening a new era with a subtly theatrical song that, for me, for the first time combines ska, swing and jazz with a bit of rockabilly into an energetic song that actually ends up sounding quite poppy. I guess we’re all living with a bit of a thick smile these days, so I hope Awkward Laughter will resonate with listeners and have them laughing along with us,” explains Karol Mikloš.

Along with the single, Karol Mikloš has made available a B&W music video shot by cameraman Michal Večeřa, coincidentally a resident of the house adjacent to the one where Karol’s band rehearses.

It is in the courtyard of the band’s rehearsal room, which saw the beginnings of several songs on the forthcoming album were created, where the video of Karol’s band performing in smiling masks takes place.

The lyrics come from the pen of Alan Dykstra, with whom Karol has already collaborated on his single “Truth is Most Days I’d Rather Stay Home” released at the beginning of the corona period.

“My original impulse was tragicomic – sort of laughter in the face of hopelessness and breakdown, a device that confronts things falling apart. We act like it is funny, but it is not,” says Alan Dykstra.

Karol Miklos - This Side of Town

As was the case with Karol’s most recent record “Poisoned EP”, the comic-book style cover artwork was created by Alexander Salviany, the drummer from Karol’s current live band.

Like the whole album, the single was recorded in Men at Sound studio in Trenčín under the direction of Matúš Homola. In his guest appearance, Adam Olexík, otherwise a member of The Youniverse, took care of the drums on the recording.

Karol Mikloš’ fourth full-length album “This Side of Town” will be released on 23 September 2022 on Deadred Records in vinyl and digital versions.

Martin Turzík, Karol Mikloš and NMR