A fusion of Buryat-Mongolian tradition and modern rock/jazz elements with haunting woman voice of Namgar, the Buryat star of traditional and modern music, and a blend of traditional and modern instruments that bring together images of the great wide open and modern drive.


The band NAMGAR use music to preserve their native Buryat language, working with archives, collecting songs and performing them around the world. They play their own versions of traditional Buryat and Mongolian songs and create a unique sound that is seasoned with modern elements of rock and electronics.

Nayan Navaa is the fantastic new album from Namgar, a band that plays modern sounds rooted in traditional music from Buryatia (Russian Federation) in southern Siberia.

The Moscow-based band led by vocalist Namgar Lhasaranova features Buryat, Russian, Tuvan and Norwegian musicians. Together, they make a fascinating mix that includes shamanic vocals, throat singing, galloping rhythms, rock, jazz, and mesmerizing soundscapes.


The lyrics are based on traditional Buryat and Mongolian songs, reflecting Buryat nomadic culture. Topics include hunter, wedding, family, and yokhor round dance songs, as well as songs about horses, ancestors and shamanic rituals.

The group uses various traditional instruments from Buryatia and nearby regions such as the yataga (a 13-stringed zither), chanza (a three-stringed lute) and the khomus (jaw harp).

NMR (photo: press Namgar)