Passion Coco - Saga Cósmica (MaAuLa Records, 2021)

Passion Coco (Coconut Passion) is an exotic French mash. The base consists of grated coconut together with various types of tropical fruits, chocolate and caramel. The group continues on its tropical journey this time in space.

Passion Coco

Passion Coco’s first album “Sudor Y Arena” (2017) takes you to the tropical beaches of South America to dance all night on psychedelic cumbia, influenced by chicha, the instrumental and electric version of cumbia from Peru in the ’70s.

The group consists of Anne Vidaillac (vocals), Antoine Passet (guitars), Olivier Bucquet (bass, vocals) and Romain Parpillon (percussion, vocals). They are typical Frenchmen who can always come up with something nice, charming and original.

On the new album “Saga Cósmica”, the South American sound meets the aerospace theme.

Psychedelic cumbia Quatuor continues his tropical journey but, this time, in outer space for a cosmic saga where the South American sound meets the aerospace theme. Aboard a flying Citroen BX with Coco2000 as number plate, the trip may be hectic ! Passion Coco still explores 70’s south American music even through disco.

Passion Coco

Spanish voice and cuatro (a typical Andes strings instrument) give to their music a traditional color that make you travel far away instantly.

Percussions and electric bass mingle together in perfect acoustic-electric contrast. Finally, the electric guitar with many effects gives a psychedelic touch but the music is still really dancing. After a plebiscite first album (CANAL+, Radio Nova, Fip, France 3…), music often used in commercials and movies and live shows everywhere in France make Passion Coco a band to be reckoned with. Proof of humor is the cover version of the song “Blue Hotel” by Chris Isaak.

NMR (photo: press Passion Coco)