Mimi Maura & Los Aggrotones - Stormy (Kingston Factory, 2016)

Midnerely “Mimi” Acevedo was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was raised up in Chicago & San Juan. Her family moved from one city to another many times. She grew up listening to her father Mike Acevedo, a well-known songwriter and singer from San Sebastian. Singing is what she learned from her parents, singing anywhere & everywhere.

At the age of 14, after two years living in Mexico City, Mimi returned to Puerto Rico for good. In 1987, she started jamming with local bands, untill her brother Niguel influenced her into Metal Music; and they formed a band. They played a couple of years together with Rencor, one of the first “in-Spanish” rock bands from Puerto Rico.

Mimi studied Fine Arts in The Arts School in Old San Juan. When she was 20 years old, she met the island ska scene and got hooked on Jamaican reggae-rocksteady beat style. In 1991, she entered an all-girl band, Alarma!, a heavy music band. They travelled to New York, and played in Sob’s and in Los Angeles for the La Banda Elastica Festival with Maldita Vecindad. They were also opening act for many bands that came to the island, such as Dos Minutos, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and Fito Paez.

But things were about to change… she met an Argentinian musician from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, saxophone player Sergio Rotman. After a coupe of years of friendship, the relation grew, they fell in love, and started to travel together anywhere! Sergio invited Mimi to form a band with him, so she decided to go South, to Buenos Aires. In Argentina, Mimi was invited to sing with Cienfuegos (Sergio’s punk rock project), she sang in the Caravelas y Diablitos by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, met the “porteña” scene, recorded with Attaque 77, Los Piojos, Kapanga, and sang with many other friends.

In 1998, she became mother to a son named Leroy. Sergio and Mimi formed a band with friends that had the same love for Jamaican music & Latin rhythms. They’ve performed in many Buenos Aires clubs, cafe’s & theaters, for example, Ciclo Molotov in the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, along with Riddim, in Luz y Fuerza Theater with Cienfuegos, in Cemento with Lumumba, openings for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Fun People, Divididos…

Mimi won a Gardel Award in 2002 as Best Female Rock Singer. She also toured Spain, Germany, México, and Argentina. In 2007 Mimi Maura recorded her 6th album Mirando caer la lluvia , she toured in Argentina and made her first DVD Dulces Sueños recorded live in ND Ateneo Theater. 2008-2009 she toured with Los fabulosos Cadillacs singing Vasos Vacios. In 2010 Mimi Maura recorded her 7th album Dias de Sol in Argentina and Puerto Rico, mixed it in Jamaica with Steven Stanley.
Mimi Maura is an independient artist, her label name is Canary Records.