Al-Qasar’s “Who Are We?” topped the October Transglobal World Music Chart. Middle Eastern psych-rock collective debut album is an explosive mix of heavy Arabian grooves, global psychedelia and North African trance music. Guests include Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) & Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys). The band calls it “Arabian fuzz.”

“Al-Qasar was born in the Barbès neighbourhood of Paris,” explains band leader Thomas Attar Bellier. “I’velived in Los Angeles, Paris, New York, Lisbon… I wantedto start a project that was in tune with the daily life of people living in these international cities, something diverse,radically colourful, with a fresh, contemporary outlook on what societies really look like today”. The musicians came together, from France, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and theUnited States.

Shows followed, first in France, then in Europe and the Middle East. They put out an EP, the widely-lauded Miraj, recorded in Cairo.In the same time frame, Attar Bellier collaborated with the likes of Emel Mathlouthi and DinaEl Wedidi, two of the most exciting names in contemporary Arab music.

Work on Who Are We? began in December 2020,with Attar Belliercomposing eight tracks that writhe and roar in skilfully controlled chaos.

Bass, drums and traditional percussion create a deep, irresistible groove for the foundation, while electric saz and guitars build a wailing wall above, withMoroccan vocalist Jaouad El Garouge’s ecstatic voice, steeped in his Gnawa upbringing, pulling inspiration from history as it strides into the future.Drawing on years o fexperience working in Los Angeles studios, Attar Bellier produced the album. Who Are We? translates the sound that inhabited his head into something physical that stirs spirit, heart and feet.

It is relentless and insistent, like a psychedelic celebration on the dancefloor, ristling with the kind of deep energy that makes Al-Qasar sound like the world’s most dangerous wedding band. During those years spent behind the control board, Attar Bellier made some good friends in the US, and they’ve been eager to help out on the project. Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey) mixed the record, and Grammy-winner Dave Collins mastered it.

The Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra was a natural addition to “Ya Malak,” his inimitable voice reciting a translation of Egyptianrevolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, elevating the record’s social critique while showcasing the first-ever English recording of Negm’s work. Jello Biafra is not the only punk hero to appear on Who Are We?

Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth layers textured, brooding guitar over the first two cuts, “Awtar Al Sharq” and “Awal.” The sweeping drones embrace the Moroccan bendir groove to magical results. “Lee sent me upwards teen guitar tracks,” says Attar Bellier in amazement. “It wa senough for an entire EP, and all so good. The hard part was deciding what not to use. Lee’svibe just fit perfectly with what I was trying to do with the track.”Al-Qasar’s magnetic pull drew big names from other continents, too. Hend Elrawy, the acclaimed Egyptian singer whom the band met in Cairo, brings her powerful voice to “MalWa Jamal”, whose Arabic lyrics promote a female-centric and humbling outlook on prostitution and its consequences.

Like the other songs on the album, its social consciousness is carefully veiled in images. “Hobek Tawrat,” for instance, can be taken as a love song, with its seductive, ringing opening on the electric saz that leads up to the aching voice of New York-based Sudanese innovator Alsarah(Alsarah & The Nubatones).


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