Peter Bittner is a well-known drummer from Pezinok and a collector of drumming artifacts, a founding member of the FeelMe group, the author of the FeelMe concept – Film In Music and the organizer of the Drumfest Slovakia festival.

Peter Bittner

Together with Pavel Švarc, Peter is the author of the music project Musicmania and the music dramaturg of several cultural events in the region. He is also a member of the civic association P.R.D. – organizer of the International Theater Festival Cibulák, Ethnofestival, drum workshops Pezinok – Drumtown, multi-genre festival Alternatíva_PK and other events.

He has been involved in musical circles since he was young.

He played in the groups 7th Size, Demented, Big Bastard Band Of Bratislava, Temo / Beattner, Diadem, Introvarts, Filmisssion, Casabeattner, Laco Jakubčiak and Peter Bittner.

With Pavel Boriš and Ján Štrb, he published a book with a CD called Pezinok – bigbeatown in 2001, in which they mapped the musical life in the city from the 1950s to now. In 2007 he created the memorial Concert of Youth 76-77 (Czechoslovak Woodstock) with the aforementioned gentlemen, which was also published in books.

Peter also organized memorial evenings for Jaro Filip in Pezinok and co-organized the Alternatíva Festival in Drevon.

In 2003-2005 he participated in the production of the multimedia festival Hodokvas. In 2010-2016 he was the stage manager at the Grape festival. He was also a stage manager in 2019-2020 at the Vrbovské Vetry festival.

Peter is the author of the Modranská Železnica project and the former long-term director of the local television station TV Pezinok.

In his free time, he devotes himself to his family, plays drums in his home studio and, for example, also looks for signed drumsticks from popular drummers. His unique, ever-expanding collection and photographs with foreign and Slovak drummers documenting this hobby can be found on his Facebook profile.

Peter picked out music for this playlist, which he said “accompanied him through life and brought him the real vibes.” We wish you a pleasant listening.

Bibiána Grebeňová-Šedivá (photo: Braňo Poláček, translation: Zoe Prívozníková)

Programme Playlist:

  1. FEELME – PF (Pulp Fiction)
  2. KORN – Falling Away From Me
  3. FAITH NO MORE – Epic
  4. BECK – Loser
  5. JONATHAN DAVIS – Medicate
  6. SEVENDUST – Enemy
  7. ANTHRAX – Room for One More
  8. PEEPING TOM – Mojo
  9. RHCP – Give It Away
  10. SKINDRED – Pressure
  11. JOJO MAYER AND THE NERVE – Tetrastigm
  12. DEPECHE MODE – Walking in My Shoes
  13. BJORK – Army of Me
  14. DIADEM – Informer
  15. MEGADETH – Symphony of Destruction
  16. FEVER 333 – We´re Coming In
  17. BLACK LIGHT BURNS – Cruel Melody
  18. SKUNK ANANSIE – Charlie Big Potato
  19. BEASTIE BOYS – Root Down
  20. PORTISHEAD – Glory Box live in New York
  21. RATM – People of the Sun
  22. SYSTEM OF A DOWN – Chop Suey!
  23. PRIMUS – Shake Hands With Beef
  24. ALICE IN CHAINS – Would?
  25. JARO FILIP – Cez okno
  26. RADIOHEAD – Creep
  27. ENNIO MORRICONE – La Piovra
  28. ANIMALS AS LEADERS – Physical Education
  29. KORN – You ‚ll Never Find Me

Listen to the program: