Neon Colonialismo is the new album (the first under his own artistic persona since 2014) by Batida aka Pedro Coqueñao, the Angolan born, Lisbon-raised artist who has been working and interacting with way more than a single medium (radio, music, dance, visual arts) and is viewed as a major catalyst of the Afro-electronic scene.

As with most of Batida’s work, this album is built around a collaborative ethos, and features legendary figures, from Bonga and Botto to Branko (to name but the “Bs”…). It’s provocative, intended to be danced to, to think to, and probably also to smile to. Colonialism seems to be (literally) a centerpiece, both from visual and thematic viewpoints.

“I could talk about a new Lisbon that blinks and shines, but that’s not the idea. Acknowledging history is the only way to honour its beautiful natural light”, says Batida.

The intention of the new album is clear: to provoke both movement and thought, while directly pointing to the colonial past.
Neon Colonialismo aims at evolving from darkness to light. As indicated in the sleeve notes:

Reparar: to repair, in Portuguese, is the same verb as to notice, perceive and become aware of as it is to restore.

Carried by subtle and refined electronic production, the ten tracks alternate between vocal and instrumental songs and travel across the  Portuguese-speaking world, from Portugal to Angola through Cabo Verde and Brazil.

The album features many distinguished guests: DJ Satelite, Bonga, Mayra Andrade, Poté, Nástio Mosquito, Ikonoklasta, Octa Push, Lia de Itamaracá, DJ Dolores, João Morgado, Botto Trindade, Pedro da Linha & Branko.

Crammed Discs and NMR (foto: pres Batida)