The Icelandic singer Björk donates the entire proceeds of her discography to the Black Lives Matter movement in Great Britain. In her collection of films, series and documentaries, you will learn more about racial injustice and the life of blacks in America.

Björk albums

Discohraphy is available on the Bandcamp music platform: whether as a digital download, CD or LP. Currently, the collection only includes Björk’s studio albums, with her soundtracks, live releases, remix albums, and collaborations not available.

Björk is thus participating in the NAACP campaign of the music platform.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Bandcamp is now donating all of its earnings to the Legal Defense Fund. This is a nonprofit organization in the United States that has been campaigning for the rights of the black population for decades – through legal counsel or public education initiatives.


Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an organized movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience in protest against alleged incidents of police brutality against Afro-American people.

The whole thing takes place on the so-called Juneteenth, the commemoration day in memory of June 19, 1865, which is celebrated annually, especially among the African-American population in the USA.

At that time, slavery was abolished in the state of Texas. Bandcamp in turn supports the Legal Defense Fund with its proceeds. And many artists such as Björk in turn waive their share of the sales and donate to Black Lives Matter projects.

NMR (photo: press Björk)