Yeasayer - Erotic Reruns (Yeasayer Records , 2019)

Yeasayer’s latest LP is perhaps their greatest.Erotic Reruns captures what it’s like to be alive in 2019 with wide-eyed clarity.

The songs veer from the intensely personal and romantic to the fervently political-an eminently danceable record that challenges their audience and makes them think a bit more slowly to ponder issues so germane to our maddening, speed of light era of content consumption.

“We were jokingly calling this our classic rock record at one point, referencing The Turtles or the Stones or Fleetwood Mac,” laughs Yeasayer’s Chris Keating while describing his band’s fifth LP, Erotic Reruns. But really, this is Yeasayer distilling all their strengths, while paring them to their essence. Intros are shortened, hooks are immediate, and its songs are concise, all the fat trimmed.

NMR (foto: press)