La Fanfarria del Capitán is an argentinean band of musician-adventurers. Founded in 2005 by lifetime friends who in 2011 decided that travelling and playing music was their inspiration, art and a way of living.

Their music is eclectic, a special blend of latinamerican rhythms, folk, balkan melodies, rock, ska, reggae… passion, energy, power and a pandora box of surprises, a reloaded rock version of world folk.

Since then, they have travelled Europe, Asia and South America, playing 80 concerts and driving 20.000km per year, having played in hundreds of world music festivals and concert halls.

Their music is part of Netflix series “The Method” and “Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel). In this last series they also acted as themselves in season 3 and 4.

Their 6th album called “El Cantomanto” comes to light after two years of pandemics.

Finding out new sounds and ideas, more intimate and even more daring, revealing what was hidden that came out in those times of introspection.

So the album is a delicious and free bouquet of different styles: from songs written in front of the fire burning autumn leaves in the pandemics, to balkan disco, indie rockpop wanting to go back to dancing.

Happiness is the song that opens the album, this one together with Mis amigos se fueron and Cuando volveré a ver el mar, the three of them are soft delights, part of the mellow of the times at home.

Then comes the time for latinamerican folk and roots, with Potosí, a cumbia andina and El plato del día, which has a waino, a lullaby and a reggae in a song that it’s actually 3 in one.

Ey Capitán and Posadeiro are dancing rock ska songs keeping up the energy of the live band. Being altogether a rainbow of rhythms crossing the moods of these amazingly diverse times we are living.

Better times is an dark jazz fusion wondering if there will or not be better times after the crisis.

The album counts also with a collaboration with bavarian artist Lenze un der Buam called Shau ma moi sung in Bavarian and Spanish.
Come to Berlin is a disco fever classic which wants to express the magic of the city full of art, expression and lifestyle. A city that was home of La Fanfarria for lots of months during the years.

The following questions were answered by one of the band members, Jero Capitan:

How did you spend your time during the pandemic?

“We wrote our latest album all during pandemics, we did a worldwide streaming which was broadcast among Slovakian audience, we sold a lot wine, EL VINO DEL CAPITÁN, and stayed chill at home, the following year we didn’t stand it anymore and we went on touring with pandemics and pregnant of our little baby Kaia.”

Is the Argentine music scene currently alive?

“Yes, and quite unique! It’s full of bands everywhere and shows everyday all the year. You can listen to any style of venue, pubs, festivals etc.  We have a very strong tradition on our folkloric and rock scene, which is heard in all Latin America. So the new bands always have the sky full of stars shining for them. You can check ¨ El Plan de la Mariposa ¨ which is one of our favourite bands from home.”

There certainly aren’t many Argentine bands that are touring abroad. How did you manage to do that?

“Well we started touring hard 12 years ago, and every year the family gets wider. We try to visit all the countries on every tour, though it is not always possible. We perform normally around Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Belgium, Uk, Spain, Italy, Austria among others. First tour was quite a big surprise, since an invitation from the BOtanique Festival in Bologna, Italy arrived, and we had to quit all our jobs in Argentina, and face a 3 month tour around Central Europe.  The following year, 2012 we did 7 month non stop, and it was kind of a record for an argentinean band, we did mostly all Europe, Rusia, China and Japan. Nowadays with our participation in Money Heist (NETFLIX SERIES), in season 3 & 4, where we acted and 2 songs of us are part of the soundtrack, made all the touring sustainable and it expanded worldwide the boundaries of our music.”

Apparently we might see you performing at the Pohoda festival. Do you think that will happen?

“We are very lucky to perform twice on Pohoda, we really love our Slovakian audience, and they are always supporting us on every occasion we visit them!  If it happens to be our 3th time on the festival, we would feel blessed for sure!”

What else would you like to say to our readers?

“We would like to thank them for taking the time for reading this words, and it would be lovely that they check out all our new music & videoclips which we strongly recommend! We are like a box full of surprises and for sure one is waiting for you! Greetings from Argentina!”

Róbert Gregor (foto: Santiago Ropero)