Since 2004, the music project Mexican Instite Of Sound has been led by producer, remixer and sampling sommelier Camilo Lara. Under the name “Algo-Ritmo : Mexican Institute of Sound Hits 2004-2024”, he is now releasing a retrospective compilation celebrating 20 years in the music scene.

Camilo Cara

There aren’t many truly interesting artists on the contemporary music scene, but Camilo Cara is definitely a character of his own, not only in appearance, but also in career and work.

Camilo Lara is the one-man dynamo behind Mexican Institute of Sound, also known as Instituto Mexicano del Sonido. Hailing from the sprawling metropolis that is Mexico City, Lara channels his inner rockstar, while holding down a day job as head of a major label. Like a musical superhero, Lara steps out of his executive alter ego, gets involved with the underground musica movement and begins his musical mission delivering electronic masterpieces with only the help of his computer, his nurturing imagination, and his awesome collection of vinyl.

Lara’s genius is not his ability to hide behind a computer screen or immerse himself in the world of modern technology (in which he’s admittedly quite a clumsy participant), but rather lies in his ability to carefully select and blend diverse musical references that will surprise and delight even the most discriminating listener.

Camilo Lara has distinguished himself as a musical trendsetter among his circle of friends with his annual Christmas compilation of the year’s best tracks and unreleased MIS tracks, which has fast become a sought-after collector’s item. This hobby led Lara to collaborate on remixes under the moniker of Mexican Institute of Sound for bands and friends like Placebo, Le Hammond Inferno, Gecko Turner, and Babasónicos.

A double album with 24 recordings

This is the ultimate retrospective on Camilo Lara´s Mexican Institute of Sound. 20 years of Cumbia, Punk Rock, Electronica and Low-fi directly from Mexico City. Includes 2 bran new tracks. “Stop!” featurng LA´s Ceci Bastida, and Bolero featuring Esteman! from colombia and Foudeqush from Mexico.

Don’t know the work of Mexican Institute Of Sound yet? It’s time to finally get acquainted with it! You can do so via our live stream on Mixcloud, as it will resonate in this week’s “Album of the Week” section.

NMR (foto: press Camilo Lara)