Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - SKA=ALMIGHTY (Nacional Records , 2021)

The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra discography includes 25 studio albums. With the album “SKA = ALMIGHTY”, the band is remembered after two years and is still out of breath.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

In the late 1980s, a group of musicians rose from the Tokyo street/club scene, and called themselves, “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (TSPO).

Ever since, the band has been pursuing its unique sound of “Tokyo Ska,” blending and redefining musical genres to the delight of fans in and out of Japan. They have also taken their acclaimed live show worldwide, performing in Europe, the US, Mexico and Latin America, including world-class festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Vive Latino and Pohoda Festival (2011).

After over 35 years in the business, TSPO remains the one and only band who can offer a convincing range of ska, jazz to rock.

Their authentic musicality has earned them many fans within the industry as well – the band was asked by legendary ska originators, Skatalites, to open their US tour, and dub master, Dennis Bovell, always adjusts his schedule so he’s available to work on TSPO’s tracks. Whenever international artists or industry executives visit Japan, finding TSPO records is always a top priority. With fans from all ages and all walks of life, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has cemented themselves as a global icon for ska lovers everywhere and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mexico is their second strongest market outside of Japan! They have thousands of fans all over Latin America and their “sold out” concerts in the region are a witness to that.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra have plans to tour Latin America in 2022. The popularity of Tokyo Ska has resulted in several collaborations with renowned artists such as Inspector, Los Authentic Decadentes, iLe, Monsieur Periné and Emicida, as well as stellar versions of Mexican classics such as “Cielito Lindo” and “Eres” by Cafe Tacvba.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - SKA=ALMIGHTY

The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will kick off in 2021 with the release of their first album in 2 years, SKA = ALMIGHTY. On this album, the energy of the mosh pit collides with high-energy ska.

The new album shows the almighty Ska with collaborations from Japanese artists such as Yoohei Kawakami and Hakushi Hasegawa and the Chilean band Moral Distraída, who are present in “Ribbon”, a new Spanish version of the song in Japanese (with almost 2 million reproductions ) of the same name is part of the “Tokyo Ska-lorful Collage” of 2019.

You can currently enjoy the great atmosphere of their new recordings in our broadcast.

NMR (photo: press Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)