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Track Artist Composer Label Time
Now I Can (Mop Mop Deconstruction) WDR Big Band & GT dto Agogo Rec 15656 5:07
Tempo Tempo Renegades Of Jazz Hanke Agogo Rec 15656 1:37
Rar (Spiritual South Rar’est Rmx) Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Schleiermacher Agogo 15656 1:54
Barbados Wes Montgomery dto Juno Rec 19436 1:29
Forget Me Not Coco Rosie Casady Lost Girl 3:57
Phosphenes Laurie Anderson dto Nonesuch 00286 0:34
Eveloped Arca Ghersi Mute 27959 1:14
The Cloud Laurie Anderson dto Nonesuch 00286 1:24
Live Lived Backwards Laurie Anderson dto Nonesuch 00286 2:19
Iron Mountain Laurie Anderson dto Nonesuch 00286 2:40
Worldwide Domu Stanton,Quartey Tru Thoughts 12826 1:15
Skip-ij (Sub Swara Rmx) State of Bengal SZ, BA High Chai Recordings 2:47
Native Nocturne OMFO Popov Essay Recordings 13406 2:28
Very, Very Hungry David Byrne & Brian Eno dto Sire 03228 3:09
The Sorcerer OMFO Popov Essay Recordings 13406 3:09
Tipsy Djinn OMFO Popov Essay Recordings 13406 2:10
Sindbad the Spaceman OMFO Popov Essay Recordings 13406 2:03
Pour faire le portrait d’un oiseau (Texte dit par Yves Montand)
Stephane Pompougnac Pompougnac,Montand Wagram Music 12545 2:36
Indagine Su Un Chittadino Al Di Sopra Ogni Sospetto
Kid Sundance Morricone Compost Rec 02518 2:20
Alive Again Telepath Christie,Heiny,MikeB Telepath MusicTMD2310 3:10
Under My Sensi (Thievery Corp Rmx Poetry Slam Mashup) Boozoo Bajou dto Brunswick 00136 2:24
Psycho Social (Hawaii vs Tokyo Mashup) Liquid Todd feat Roc Raida Wilkinson Groove Gravy Rec 3:29
Where Do We Go Mo Horizons dto Stereo Deluxe 10648 2:56
The Lesson DJ Bombjack dto Starchild Recordings 1:50

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Track Artist Composer Label Time
Sputnik Public Service Broadcasting Willgoose,Esq Test Card Rec 30690 2:48
Sputnik (Blond:Ish Rmx) Public Service Broadcasting Willgoose,Esq Test Card Rec 30690 2:23
Live Like A Bitch Jaki Liebezeit & Holger Mertin dto Staubgold 10252 0:45
Religion PIL Lydon Virgin 03098 1:00
The Beginning And The End Bob Holroyd dto Real World 30885 1:50
Spin Flanger dto Nonplace 2:26
Schizo Bunny J. Browne dto Popup Media 12427 1:33
Des Gens D’Ailleurs A. Migiani & R. Cerri dto Popup Media 12427 1:49
War Remember D. Seepers & M. Barothy dto Popup Media 12427 2:12
Foundation Mo Kolours dto One Handed Music 1:14
Super Molam Sound Voyage Schabel,Wieland Free Soul Inc. 001 1:49
I love ma guitare Rinocerose Freu,Carrié,Palumbo,Gaulthier V2 01801 3:26
Freak-a-zoid (Mashup) Fred Nasty dto World’s Best Rec 06110 2:08
The Season (Secret Prayer Mashup) Beanfield Swag’s Dub Krause,Meggle,Bajka Compost 02518 2:27
Corso Beanfield Krause,Meggle,Simmerl Compost Rec 02518 3:04
Stand Clear Indian Ropeman Sen,Shankar Double T 01406 1:21
And the girl Unity dto Motor 04909 2:57
Sofa Rockers(DorfmeisterRmx & Countries Mashup) Sofa Surfers dto Fuel Rec 01450 2:20
323 Secondes de musique rèpètitive (PolynesianMashup) Rinocerose Freu,Carrié,Palumbo 01801 2:41
A Felicidade Suba Jobim,DeMoraea Crammed Discs 08689 2:46
Samba Faze Action R+S Lee Schema Rec 29381 3:07
Bossa per Due Nicola Conte dto Schema Rec 29381 3:05
Istrucciones Para Sonar Wakal Govea Mexicanas Discograficas 2:33
Baifal Rhythm Pepe Soup dto Bacci Bros Rec 23050 1:29
The Chaotic Telepath Christie,Heiny,MikeB TelepathMusicTMD2310 2:16
Another Hero Telepath Christie,Heiny,MikeB TelepathMusicTMD2310 2:28
Bongy Loop Elev8tor dto Revolutionary Music 37349 2:21