The fifth album “Tales Of The Tides” by the German band Bukahara brings a current view of the world. The four musicians from Cologne and Berlin present their critical stories allegorically.

It is this mysterious mix that makes Bukahara unique. Psychedelic swing, Arabic reggae, Balkan jazz, or even folk hip hop, are funny sounding genres that are not necessarily contradictions. This is proven with a lot of acoustic sophistication and great love by four thoroughbred musicians: Bukahara.

These multi-instrumentalists easily manage a balancing act between lightness and enthusiastic devotion. For observers of postmodern developments not only in music it is unavoidable and obvious that music is more and more nourished by digital signals. Bukahara opposes this trend and stays authentic and analogue – in favor of the audience.

New album delayed

Bukahara recorded “Tales Of The Tides” during the tour for their last album, which has been pushed back again and again due to the pandemic.

On the days off between concerts, instead of resting, they went to the studio. But the restlessness of the development phase does not cause chaos on the new album, on the contrary: one has the feeling as if Bukahara knew better than ever what their sound should sound like.

They reduce their grooves to the essentials and give their melodies and stories space to work. Maybe it’s because of the cleansing forces of the tides, which flow through “Tales Of The Tides” as the main theme, because Bukahara sound clearer than ever before.

Fables with depth

This applies to their sound aesthetics as well as to their view of the world and current affairs. In the nine songs on “Tales Of The Tides” there is a lot of social criticism and political attitude between the lines.

If you listen closely, it’s about colonial crimes, climate change, conspiracy theories, racism, social injustice, world pain or flight from reality. But through the colorful symbols that Bukahara paints in their lyrics, they preserve the poetry and fairytale quality of the songs. They tell little fables about people and the force of nature, carried by melodies that touch the heart.

Anyone who would like to lose themselves in daydreams is invited – those who prefer to get to the bottom of the song lines will get more than food for thought.

First feedback

Despite the increased seriousness and musical demands of “Tales Of The Tides”, Bukahara remain true to themselves. In the end, they are first and foremost thoroughbred live musicians who live for the stage.

Filled concert halls, an audience singing along and the encore after the encore are the only record reviews that really count for Soufian, Max, Ahmed and Avi. And so things are looking good at the moment: their album release concert at Gloria in Cologne was sold out in less than twelve hours.

NMR (foto: press Bukahara)