The Viennese group DelaDap has been active on the music scene for more than fifteen years and its name could be translated from Romani as give me a rhythm.


The band DelaDap  was founded by Prague-born musician and producer Stani Vana. It is an international project, because during its existence, musicians from Austria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and other countries have taken turns in it.

Initially, their music was characterized mainly by the Roma influence, which they tastefully combined with pop and electronic music. Currently, the group focuses mainly on electronic swing, jazz and pop.

Deladap - Make Swing Great Again

Deladap from Austria and the celebrated electro-swing producer Wolfgang Lohr from Berlin have worked together, despite or especially because of corona times.

Now they are presenting the result of this collaboration, a real cracker: Their new single “Make Swing Great Again”, with the jazzy, extremely delicate voice of Melinda Stoika has immense hit potential, a catchy tune for the upcoming summer.

Vintage sound meets modern electronic club beats, the groove is perfectly blended with a small dose of disco and dance. Electro swing meets disco house. The main course is refined with jazz harmonies and additionally arranged with pulsating saxophone melodies …

The full menu combines only super fresh ingredients and impresses with a spicy seasoning in the bass. This track is full of hi-energy, animates to dance and exudes pure joie de vivre. Sounds great in times like these and perfectly fits with listeners’ current longing for normality as it was before. Let’s all party now!

NMR (photo: press Deladap)