Orchestra Of Samples - Addictive TV (Orchestra Of Samples Imprint/K7 , 2017)

Addicted TV

Once so eloquently described as ‘next level shit’ by Grandmaster Flash, British electronic duo Addictive TV create music with a difference; it’s music you can see! Described by Live Design magazine as “inspiring an entire generation of artists exploring the crossover between audio and visual mediums” Addictive TV are best known for their dynamic audio/video performances and innovative use of video sampling. Orchestra of Samples, their latest project and five years in the making, has won them international acclaim. After filming more than 200 musicians around the globe, then sampling and seamlessly splicing them together, the duo created a digital supergroup of international artists who never met but play together on screen. In a fusion of sound and vision, Addictive TV explore new forms of collaboration with musicians playing all manner of instruments from Brazil to Kazakhstan, Egypt to Senegal and across Europe on an incredible musical journey without borders! Now signed with German label !K7, they released Orchestra of Samples as an album in 2017.

Addicted Tv Alexis MaryonAddictive TV is the joint alias of artists Graham Daniels and mash-up king Mark Vidler (aka Go Home Productions), they create their music by keeping the audio and video samples together, so audiences get to see more than a DJ, more than graphics or just visuals; they get to experience music in a genuinely unique way! The duo have now performed in more than a staggering 50 countries, appearing everywhere from Glastonbury Festival and the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Shanghai and even Cairo during Egypt’s post-revolution transition! Hollywood studios including Paramount, Universal and 20th Century Fox have all used their movie remixing talents to create alternative trailers for films including Iron Man, Fast & Furious and Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. Twice voted number one VJ in the World in DJ Mag, alongside the Top 100 DJ Poll, the magazine said “they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture”. Often found remixing everything from Stevie Wonder to Star Trek, their work, described by US magazine XLR8R as “light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola“, is placed between creative homage and surprising re-appropriation and something that wouldn’t have been out of place during the DADA movement had they had the technology!

 Foto: Alexis Maryon