Jungle - Loving In Stereo (Caiola Records, 2021)

2021 heralds a new era for Jungle – the duo spent the past year locked in a studio and have emerged, delivering a dance-floor record for the summer and beyond, with a life-affirming celebration of all the things that make music joyful.


While the feel of their second album, For Ever, was more serious and atmospheric, inspired by matching romantic breakups, this time they’re up for some fun.


‘Loving In Stereo’ is a dynamic disco record for the post social distancing age, with a dancefloor-igniting celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly fun.

This new era in the Jungle story is further fuelled by the duo simultaneously channelling a distinctive pop immediacy and significantly broadening the scope of their sound.

NMR (photo: press Jungle)