Araceli Tzigane cames from Madrid. She is a cultural entrepreneur whose path combines the dissemination in specialized media and the work on management and booking, always in the field of world music.

Araceli Tzigane

Araceli Tzigane began her activities related to the dissemination of world musics in 2000, out of an irrepressible need to share with others the sounds that brought her so much happiness. This has been the driving force behind all the initiatives that were to come. Her constant activity and international presence drive her to keep abreast of artistic news and keep in touch and exchange information with cultural agents and artists from all over the world.

Araceli is the director of Mapamundi Música – a management and booking agency created in 2007.

Mamapundi Música specialiced in music from the peoples, mainly acoustic, settled in Spain and working worldwide. Mapamundi Música also support artists in developing their discourse and facilitating their access to the decision makers and to the public and publishes a monthly magazine with interviews and news of interest for the global community working with these musics.

She is also founder and administrator of Transglobal World Music Chart.

Together with her partner Juan Antonio Vázquez makes the radio show Mundofonías, that is broadcasted in 18 countries. Araceli is also member of the board of the European Folk Network and usual jury in music contests. Araceli is also a frequent lecturer in festivals and conferences in the fields of world music, resources and skills for musicians‘ careers.

Tonight at 8 pm, New Model Radio will introduce you to a fragment of the music that inspired her and is currently listening.

More information at: www.mapamundimusica.comwww.mundofonias.comwww.transglobalwmc.com a www.europeanfolknetwork.com.

NMR (foto: Molinos)


  • Janusz Prusinowski Trio – Mazurek „Skarga“
  • Viguela – Arrimate, pichon, a mi (Come Close, my Pigeon, to Me)
  • Alamaailman Vasarat – Mamelukki & Musta Leski
  • Zacharias Kasimatis & Antonis – NtalgasI dio seretes
  • Vegas de Matute- Ronda del caracol
  • Alim Qasimov – Bagishlamani
  • Aksak MaboulI Viaggi – Formano La Gioventu
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster
  • Al Tall & Muluk El Hwa – Absencia – La jove negra
  • Bienvenida Aguado – La mujer de Terah
  • Ashkhabad – Bibining
  • Iva Bittova & Vladimír Václavek – Zeleny vinecek
  • Meira Asher – Maligora The Sand Child
  • Le Diablo Mariachi – Vamp No Blues
  • Lhasa – My Name
  • Balkant Vero – Under the sheet
  • Bolivia Manta – Minerito
  • Jorge Ben – Mas, Que Nada!
  • Reinette l’Oranaise – Nhabek Nhabek
  • David Krakauer – Klezmer a La Bechet
  • Cantor Moshe Oysher – Sheyibone Beit Hamikdash
  • Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke
  • Wowakin – Kalineczka
  • Sam Lee – The Ballad Of George Collins
  • Dezoriental – Terra Incognita
  • Les Negresses Vertes – Zobi la Mouche
  • Daniele Sepe – Tarantella Del Gargano
  • La Perla de Cadiz – De la morera (buleras)

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