Seven-time Grammy Award winner, master of musical pop-art collages, hitmaker, and experimenter extraordinaire Beck will headline June’s Metronome Prague 2020!


Talented multi-instrumentalist and legendary figure Beck might be regularly crossing music genres, though with his concerts he rarely gets beyond US borders. That being said, sis show at Metronome Prague truly is an extraordinary event. We are finally making it come true and Beck is coming next year with his new album Hyperspace co-produced and co-written by famous Pharrell Williams.

“We’ve been trying to book Beck since the first edition and we’re excited that we’ve finally done it and that Beck chose Metronome Prague to make his return to the Czech Republic. As Beck usually tours the US and doesn’t get further than Germany in Europe, it will be a singular musical event that will not be repeated any time soon and is a must-see for any music fan,” festival organizer Barbora Šubrtová said.

Former busker that started playing on streets and later in clubs in New York has been captivating his audience by experimenting with the music styles since he first picked up a guitar.

With a boundless interest in all genres, it’s no wonder his own work became a crossroads for so many different types of music. His big break came with Loser, one of Beck’s biggest hits. That led to a contract with Geffen records and his first studio album Mellow Gold. What happened next was a meteoric rise of a star. Since then, thank to his own hard work, Beck has attained numerous achievements in his career. Singer, composer and producer has been nominated for 17 Grammys, winning 7 (including Album of the Year for 2015’s Morning Phase), as well as 16 nominations and 6 MTV Video Music Awards, 10 nominations and 3 Brit Awards, and 2 Music Video Awards for Wide Open.

David Gaydečka a NMR (Photp: press)