In the spring of last year, the Trnava group Veneer published a new “Recovery EP” after a creative break. At the time, she had no idea that a second wave of the pandemic, with all its limitations, would stand in the way of her planned concert performances.


During the lockdown, Veneer opted for new studio work. The path to the next collection of recordings was very complicated, because each member of the group was affected by various unpleasant events. The result of that are very personal lyrics and music that surprised even Venner themselves, because the music is happier than in the past. The first taste of the new EP “Near You” is the song “Two Ends of the Same Spectrum”.

“We will never sit down and say what we are talking about and what we want to say through music. We compose individual sounds, melodies until we feel that it is finally done. So we did it this time as well, but the result is a little different. We are very curious about the reactions of the listeners,”says bandleader Pavol Hubinák about the new songs.

The song “Two Ends of the Same Spectrum” was based on the opening synthesizer sound, which Palo modulated to the form that he liked.

The vocals were added to the song in the way the band is used to – both guitarists let the singer Habbiel improvise and stopped her the moment an interesting vocal line was created, on which they could continue to build.

“Habbiel is absolutely great at this, shuffling patterns like a jukebox. When improvising on this song, the part ,’I’m listening to Lykke Li ‘ was created, although none of us listens to this Swedish singer very much. We even got so used to it when listening to the demo that it was included in the final text, ” Pavol explains his creative process.

The song is very personal for the singer Habbiel.

“Recent events have underlined what has always been present among people, namely to see the same thing or event in a completely different way, from a different perspective. Sometimes it ends in an argument, other times in an understanding. In the lyrics, I tried to reflect this and that is why one style is more specific and the other is more abstract, while both are the same, ” Habbiel explains.

The single was recorded in the band’s own studio and the band produced it itself. The mastering of the recording was taken care of by the well-known Czech sound engineer Dan Václavek. The author of the cover of the single and EP, as well as the abstract lyrics video, is a friend of the band, musician and designer Vlado Ďurajka.

The song “Two Ends of the Same Spectrum” was released digitally on June 17, 2021 on all known streaming platforms and is available for download at Deadred Records.

The EP “Near You” will also be released on vinyl on September 24, 2021, which can be ordered now. Its publication was financially supported by the Art Support Fund (

Natália Husárová and NMR (photo: Michal Michalík, translation: Zoe Prívozníková)